Globe Valves

Globe Valves are ideal for unidirectional, controlled flow. The flow characteristics of a globe valve are repeatable, consistent and easy to control at various open positions, which makes the design ideal for general flow regulation. If line pressure drops below 20%, capitation, vibration and noise may occur, resulting in hardware damage.

Size & Rating


Os & Y Type construction
  • 1. Rising and Non Rising stem
  • 2. Hyperbolic disc on request
  • 3. Verticle/Horizontal Mounting
  • 4. Anti Blowout proof Stem


  • Design :

  • F/F :

  • Testing :
    BS-6755 Part-1/EN-12266/API-598/ISO 5208

  • End Connection :
    Flanged Ends, Butt weld End connection and Screwed / Socket Operation – Manual and Actuated (Electric, Pneumatic)

  • Materials Body :
    A105, A 216 Gr. WCB, CF8 (SS304), CF8M(SS 316), LCB etc
    Trim : 13% Cr. Steel Facing, Stellite Trim, SS Trim etc.
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